The Reanimation Of Rufus Rex!

Post was created on February 27th, 2011

Hello fiends,

Welcome to my brand new website for my solo music project Rufus Rex. This has been a crazy idea of mine for quite some time and now I’m finally seeing it through and unleashing it into the world. The album is a concept about one man’s quest for immortality at the expense of his own sanity and the lives of the people around him. The style of the music ranges from a reanimation themed waltz, to a guitar heavy rock song about creatures that exist in the thin veil between worlds, to a 1930’s acoustic gypsy guitar song about hiding the bodies of failed experiments underneath your house.

The album is in the final mixing stage as we speak and I should have release information sometime in the next few weeks. I will also be releasing the first track next month as a digital download. I posted the intro snippet “Death Is Just The Beginning” here under the music section for streaming and over on the official Rufus Rex Bandcamp page as a FREE higest quality download. Follow the navigation links above or click the banner below to go directly to Bandcamp and download the preview.

I’ll be doing a lot of tweaks to the site and adding a bunch of new interactive sections, so please check back regularly and help spread the word about Rufus Rex. Thanks for all the ongoing support and when the world ends, I promise to share some of my reanimation serum……….for a price!

Stay weird,
~Curtis Rx

4 Responses to "The Reanimation Of Rufus Rex!"

  1. Gabsterella says:

    ^_^ soooo excited for the new cd! I shall buy it most definatly.

  2. R Lukenbill says:

    when will there be a facebook link dearie?

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